Where else do you guys hang out?

I'm curious if there are other places online that lots of WIPers tend to be.

I'll start (as an example) — I'm on Indie Hackers and Twitter often. Edit: I'm also on PH a lot.

Indie Hackers, Mindful Makers and Twitter

#wipmusic because you need something to listen to while working

ProductHunt, Twitter, Indie Hackers, Reddit.
I read (but mostly don't participate in) Hacker News.

Indie Hackers, Twitter, ProductHunt

Twitter / FronteersNL Slack ( Dutch Front-end Community ) / WIP / Indie Hackers ( a little bit )

HackerNews & Twitter... nothing new :D

I tried following ProductHunt, but it's such a noise. It's much more fun to read WIP.

been a lot at lately, their community is (also) great.