What other communities do you belong to?

Online or offline. No wrong answers. Just curious what other communities you join online and participate in.

Communities is such a broad term.
"Offline" private group chats for activities & sports etc. these are groups with people I live in the same city with to coordinate things to do, or send shit-memes.

Otherwise Coding Scrimba and The Odin Project on Discord and Telegram Groups for Tech & Crypto

I agree that communities is a broad term. Mostly just curious how/where most people here in WIP find their tribes.

Ah and I was in Slack Groups for Digital Nomads while I was traveling last winter this one is really active for Fuerteventura and the canaries, but not so in other places.
And I'm in Fb Groups related to travelling.

I mostly frequent in communities related to tech I am using, like programming languages and frameworks like IHP Slack, Elm Slack, NixOs Discourse etc. Plus Twitter related to same topics if that counts.

I'm in a number of private Telegram groups, but those are more "friend group" than "community"

Besides that I'm in a few NFT-related Discords. Primarily the PROOF Discord which is token-gated, so it's more of a tight-knit community than those hyper-active open-for-all Discords.

Other than that I don't think I'm part of any online or offline communities. I occasionally jump into the Nomad List Slack when I have a travel-related question. But nomads as a group is too broad for me to really feel a connection.

I used to visit co-working spaces, which are a nice way to find a local community when traveling.

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