Gunjan Karun


Using my 20+ years of experience in building products for startups to build where I help app makers plan their apps better.
Joined November 2022
Working on case study pages for the website #appmakerverse
Working on some content for linkedin articles #appmakerverse
Published an article on LinkedIn about lesser known prompt modifiers used to refine the output of ChatGPT… #appmakerverse
Working on the marketing funnel for #appmakerverse
Starting from the beginning... Working on updating the website of my consulting firm. This will be the bottom of my funnel, so need to get this right first. #appmakerverse
Pausing all active development until I have a plan in place (even if it is on the back of a napkin)
My friend and I celebrated after an investor decided not to fund their startup.
Preparing a marketing plan for #partytambola
Implemented the feature of disabling day planner so users can download only weekly and/or monthly planners in **PrintAPlanner** #bettertoday
Based on user feedback, plan for the feature to disable day pages in Print-A-Planner #bettertoday
Release a printable journal where people can customize and print daily, weekly and monthly journal page templates #bettertoday
deploy the landing page of #partytambola at
Added #bettertoday as a product on LinkedIn
Launch Print-A-Planner, a printable version of #bettertoday on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter
Completed the development of a customizable printable day planner, journal and tracker. #bettertoday
Test Chrome New Tab Replacement Plugin #bettertoday
Upgrade Better Today to Angular 15 for web #bettertoday
Implement the new calendar in Ionic 6 to pick up older days to see history of that specific day #bettertoday
Initiate first contact with some potential speakers for the next meetup #appmakerverse
Started planning for the second meetup of startups and founders in app planning phase #appmakerverse