What does your morning (or wake-up) routine look like?

  • Get up
  • Brush teeth/fix hair
  • Drink water/take meds
  • Check email on phone
  • Pack up laptop etc
  • Go to some working spot
  • Look at clock. (before 11am: 😲👍, between 11am-1pm: 🤷‍♂️, between 1pm-3pm: 😅, after 3pm: 😕)
  • Stay in bed for another half an hour waking up slowly. Sometimes listening to a podcast.
  • Put one foot on floor.
  • Rest a little more.
  • Put second foot on floor while still laying with my back on the mattress.
  • Slowly move my weight off the mattress.
  • Get up just before I fall out of bed.
  • Shower and brush teeth.
  • Get dressed.
  • Plan day in my head.
  • Pack accordingly.
  • Figure out where I'm going to have breakfast.
  • Go there.
  • Eat said breakfast.
  • Have a cup of coffee.
  • Now my day can start.
  • eat something small
  • training for 1.5h
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • work
  • get Kiwi from his sleep cage
  • grab phone from living room
  • poop Kiwi, mindlessly scroll phone
  • set up kettle in kitchen
  • brush teeth
  • grab boiling water, insert CogniTea
  • do something creative most days (writing, videoing usually)
  • some days have one of scheduled calls (2 masterminds, 1 client)
  • after calls, do more creative stuff if can
  • it is now 9:50am and I have to rush to work work
  • eat small breakfast at work, make more tea
  • stretching / back exercise
  • (go for a swim - twice per week)
  • shower
  • listen to audiobooks while commuting to co-working space
  • writing (paper notebook)
  • write to-do list for the day
  • start work

On the mornings I don't go surfing.
Then I do the same but only a few hours later + a siesta.

Wake Up (no alarm - bodyclock - usually around 6am - can't help it)
Have a glass of water
Switch on the kettle
Jump in the pool and do a few laps
Cold Shower
Grind Coffee Beans (Usually Rwanda Single Origin)
Make plunger coffee
Switch on laptop
write my to do's on WIP
Watch a few youtube videos to get my mind in a creative mood
Start doing what I have/want to do
Breakfast around 10am
Don't stop coding

On Mondays and Thursdays I go work at the local cafe. :)

  • wake up around 6am
  • eat some dry fruits
  • drink 30g protein
  • brush teeth/washroom
  • meditation for 15 mins
  • gym
  • shower
  • breakfast
  • work