What do you listen 🎧 to when you work? 👨🏼‍💻

Hook me up with some music... Youtube / spotify playlists. 🙏🏻

Chill mixes on youtube. And when I really want to focus - Linking Park!

You can check out - a list of tunes shared by the WIP community

This playlist from Liam Wong is really good work playlist:…

I also sometimes listen to this "coding" mix someone made on spotify as well (although it can get repetitive):…

This guy's deep house mixes on YouTube:…

Good first one to listen to:…

After a few years of continuous use, Spotify's daily mixes are on point beyond belief. Always just the perfect music for me.

Playlist with tracks by Kygo

for focus coding / getting in the FLOW 😅 I go to then I usually choose Vocal Trance, Trance or Deep House or others - really depends what is played at the moment in each channel