[Stripe] filter customers by country.

A few days ago, I launched with two tools.

One of them shows your revenue source by country from Stripe.

The question:

As a Stripe customer, do you ever need to filter customers by country?

Thanks for your answers.

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Good question! It's nice to know where everyone is coming from, but maybe for parity deals? Or to push marketing content that can attract people from certain countries?

Thanks. I like your points. Now I’m not sure if I can find a market for that 😁

I need to identify customers per country for accounting purposes but I use a custom script for this task. It's quite straightforward using their API. Aside from that, I would never share my Stripe production key with a third-party tool, even if it's read-only.

Yeah, now I’m thinking that a lot of people will not share their API keys. Thanks for the answer.

Could you allow them to connect their account via OAuth/Stripe Connect? Or do an actual Stripe App?

Actual Stripe App sounds nice. I didn’t know that such apps even exist. Thanks)

You can have them generate a restricted API key which only allows access to certain things afaik. It's how works.

That might be a workaround for sharing a full access secret key which no one in their right mind would do 😅

That’s exactly how I did. There is a link for generating a key with only the necessary read-only permissions.