My friends think, I'm stupid. What do you guys think?

I have a dream to earn money from indie making/internet. But my friends thinks that, this is not possible. They think every business needs a lot of money and a good idea.
They think I'm crazy. But one great thing is, my family supports me. And I'm very thankful for that.

They think my dream is crazy and stupid. And it's never gonna work. Now I stopped sharing my idea with anyone, I kept everything to myself. And to be honest, I'm not meeting anyone now. So, I think I'm alone in my journey now. It's great my parents support me. But friends are something different. I feel sometimes alone. And, that is why i join Wip.

Anyways, back to work, learning and building.

P.S: This i want to post from a long time, but....


Welcome Shazeb. I can't attest to the level of your intelligence haha, but welcome to the land of giving it a go! No regrets. Reach out when I can try your product.

Unless your friends have experience building a business, I'd take their opinions of building a business with a grain of salt.

They might mean well, but it doesn't seem like they don't know what they are talking about. They might even want to believe it's impossible, so that they don't need to admit they aren't as ambitious and couragous as you.

Probably best to avoid this topic. Ask them to respectfully stop telling you it's a bad idea and focus on topics that you can have a productive conversation around. If that proves impossible, reconsider what the friendship is providing you.

I'd also consider finding additional friends that do share that entrepreurial mindset. It's a long road to go on all by yourself. Being on WIP hopefully helps, but there's nothing like having IRL chats with like-minded people.

Thanks @marc . I really want to be an entrepreneur and really want to solve and big problem in the near future. My friends never done this type of things ever before. Thanks for this platform. And, I dont know what is IRL chats means. Can you point me there?

Oh, IRL just means "in real life" so face-to-face conversation with people in the same location as you.

Honestly, a business doesn't need to be based on a good idea or even unique idea. All you need to provide is a service or product that is competitive with others. It certainly helps if you're the first one to figure out a solution to some problem that other people have but there are as an example a bunch of sushi shops in most major cities.

All you need to do is provide good sushi, preferably better than most others, and people will buy it when they become aware of it. Since you're starting from scratch, it is a high likelihood that you will have some failing ideas or projects but in time you will learn what works and what don't.

Good luck and there is no idea to share your dreams with negative people that give unconstructive feedback unless they have something that they can provide.

Thanks @santas_dev . I'll note down this points.

Get new friends

Yes, Working on it. Already found one here. @gvrizzo He is a nice guy. Helping me a lot. Before i don't have any online friends.