Kubernetes Usage

How many people use kubernetes here? Just want to know.

I've used it a couple of times in the past. It was too complex for my VC-backed startup, so I haven't adopted it for my one-person business.

Google conceived Kubernetes for running data center. If you're not running lots of different containers on lots of different machines, it's overkill. It solves problems like "Recovering from a host failure" and "Running background jobs on low-utilization CPUs" well, but those ultimately are problems of scale.

Used while working for my old company. Right now using GCP Cloud Run. Only gonna use it back if I my load is too expensive for serverless. But that is not in the near future.

Me, at work, for 6 years now

I use Kubernetes for #screenshotone. Any specific questions?

O no, but it's so complicated, how are you doing that hahahaha

I actively avoid ever needing to use it

If I need to handle the kind of scale it handles, I should ideally be earning enough to pay a devops person to take that pain away because I just find it soul draining to use almost any infra tool

I did use Kubernetes for both #ipregistry and #noticeable, managing around 14 clusters globally, all by myself. After exploring various options, I've found Kubernetes to offer the best balance overall. With the right providers and distributions, setting it up and maintaining it is straightforward. Currently, only the databases aren't managed by Kubernetes, but I plan to change that soon—unless Hetzner introduces hosted database services for MongoDB and Redis in the near future.

Do you host it yourself? Or use managed Kubernetes?

Mostly Hosted using Hetzner and HostHatch. A few managed using Oracle Cloud until I find time to move out.

Managed is too expensive even if it provides many benefits but I can live without.

About the distribution I use k3s with a custom script for deployment on HostHatch, and the following for deployment on Hetzner:…

We had Kubernetes in my previous jobs. Personally I deploy with Kamal now (and wrote Kamal Handbook to help people start as well...)

Death to Kamal, long live k3s :)

I'm working as a pentester and i love devops. Do you guys think i can create some simple product around this?

We were using K8s on DigitalOcean.

It is a great tool, but a little bit overly complicated when you have just a couple servers. :)

Now I'm using my own tool - #ptah . It uses Docker Swarm under the hood and is very opinionated (but reasonable) on how your cluster should work, saving you hours from being spent on configration.