I’m redesigning the #wip header navigation. Any requests or suggestions apart from making the logo clickable?

Products + Questions links?

Why have separate "frontpage" link?

Make any white font (eg. "Work in Progress" in the header) abit less white (eg. #efefef) .. it burns the 👀

Looks good! 👍 Maybe the "sign out" button placement seems a bit strange before the streak / profile link. its more on the far right habitually. But we never log out so 🤷‍♀️

@marcantoinefon Good point! Plan is to use a profile dropdown menu at some point so haven't given much thought to that part of the navigation.

@marckohlbrugge yeah, that'll be niiiiice

nice! maybe set it to random? :D

i donlike the word "frontpage" remove it ... the logo its the same!