How exactly "/launch" command is meant to be used?

Big launches? Small launches? Feature launches?

I think we can use some guidelines. cc: @ChristinaWillner

I think it is meant for initial launches of a product. I seem to remember that @marckohlbrugge mentioned something separate for feature launches or follow-up launches. What the current command does is set the "launch date" on your product.

@pretzelhands is correct. The command is meant for the initial PR launch of your product. You can only use it once per product. It notifies the group, adds your product to the "Launched Today" section on the homepage, and sets the launch date on your product page.

It's up to the maker to decide what he/she considers as the product being launched, but typically I'd expect it to coincide with a bigger PR push (Product Hunt, etc).

Support for additional version launches and feature releases will likely be added later. For now I suggest just using the /done command.

What about "launches" of pre-launch pages? 😬 If the feature is meant so the community can stay up to date what projects others are working on it kind of would make sense. A bit like an official kickoff to a new project. Thoughts?

Something like feedback command would be great. I like providing feedback, as it provides me with an opportunity to be of assistance, and I learn a ton. but need to get through so many messages on chat to find opportunities to provide feedback.