Can you point me to WIP members who built stuff using React.js?

Next week I‘m going to launch another Sibling of but for react :)

and I‘m still looking for nice UI components/ websites/products - pls recommend me all the things ! :)

It be cool to be able to search make projects by tech stack.

would be nice - but i think that’s not the point of the ideas/projects/making in here :)

Well, it would help you find other makers to ask help from. (Alternative would be for makers to tag themselves with their skills.)

oh thats true - havent thought about it that way :)

I'm currently rewriting in React after building it with Vue. I can give you a headsup once I'm re-launching it. :D

Whats your reasons to switch from vue to react?

I'm usually a React user in my day job, but wanted to try out Vue to see if I like its approach. It ended up just feeling more.. disjointed(?) I guess. So really just a preference in approach to writing code. :)

Building #wipdesktop with React + Electron. Also, checkout my Github Profile, there won't be any of my cool projects but I have many starred & forked repos that might help you do the job. Also, checkout Pretty Awesome Lists & search for React 😉

Though Vue has tempted me, my current front-end framework in use is still React.

is there something online you built with react? :) - tiny pomodoro app in React/Parse

My app is React/Redux + Firebase. The homepage and blog is Wordpress, but once you click “Get Started” or “Login” you’re in the React app.

I'm using React + Apollo graphql on! Well, for each project I work on actually