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Web developer. Building courses, component libraries, and transitioning into building SaaS applications.
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@nickdavisio Similar to what the others have already suggested, personally I don't see the need for Spatial domains as well. So perhaps you may need a separate site to convince others who "Spatial" would be a good domain keyword.

Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment!

Thank you, Ben. I’ll try not to worry about PMF too then! PMF doesn’t help me because it instills tonnes of anxiety.

My users are quite quiet for some reason. So asking them feels akin to talking to a Wall sometimes. I know, weird, but that seems to be the case?

Haven’t tried getting inflicted to talk about it yet because I want to make it a bit more robust before doing that. I feel it’s too early — but that might be my fears holding me back.

Regarding SEO, I kind of think I’m “failing” SEO recently. I have no idea what works anymore — used to have a blog that gets 1mil visitors each year but it’s been reduced to say 360k according to GA4 this year. Kinda depressed about the results there to be honest.

Thank you @thecatstickler. Your comment has been wonderful for me. I feel like I have let go a large portion of the “you haven’t hit product market fit and therefore you shouldn’t focus on this product anymore” voice in my head, and I’ll be able to work on my projects more.

There’s a huge relief that I don’t have to let my “babies” go — because there’s so much I want to do with them too.

For this product, I don’t have a marketing strategy unfortunately. The validation mostly comes from my email list. I’ve thought about using ads a lot recently.

This product is a library that lets developers build web layouts easily and quickly. I have an initial launch page right here:…

Currently, pricing is a one-off fee at $49. I think it’s possible to add on another related library at an extra $49 in the future when they’re more robust… but that would take some time!

Would be lovely to hear about various marketing strategies if any.

Seo doesn’t seem to be working well recently because of the Google updates — especially for stuff like this, I feel.

I would add them to my email newsletter and send out product updates occasionally, on a consistent basis, so people know that things are going, and they can or will remain excited about what you do.

Once a fortnight or once a month seems to be the ideal cadence for me since weekly updates are too often and I can’t get enough things done to warrant my own enthusiasm in an update.

I think the current problem with the hangouts is because we pop into an empty room without any indication of whether anyone will pop in. It also feels like a Zoom Call which is kind of awkward when you're the only person there with only your face showing up.

If the UI changes a bit like @thecatstickler's room, I think it's gonna get better.

So in my room, there's a feature where I can create events. Maybe that'd be pretty cool to have every once in a while to have scheduled coworking sessions where we know that at least other people will be there.

We actually have on WIP! – you can create a "meetup" with the event type of "hangout"

I should clarify this in the UI :D

What you mean by being a little annoying?

Well to annoy is to request attention beyond an acceptable threshold. So doing that but a little bit of that I think is good in that context. Maybe don’t comment on everything. But try to leave value or be friendly in as many interactions as you can.

Yeah I was just about to mention this but you beat me to it! Personally I didn't save the link and I kept forgetting where to find it 😅.

Thank you Thomas and Georgy.

Guess I’ll take it slow and steady. It’s a good reminder not to rush things.

No worries. I just had to point that out because I’ve been misunderstood so much in my life that it stings haha.

It seems like I’m also using this as a platform to grow out of those pains when it comes to talking to people.

I’m somewhat the same — I sometimes work late into the night (past 12am) and I lose my streak. Great to have figured out a method that I can at least keep it going.