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Thanks for your answer!

I don't think it's complicated when you have sorted out the right cut foods and bulk foods after a while.

Cut foods include organ meats, steak, poultry, berries, quark, shrimps, fibrous vegetables, herbs.

Bulk foods: fish, meat, eggs, avocado, sourdough bread, honey, peanut butter, cheese, whole fruits.

I tend to workout around noon every other day, so I'm eating a cut meal before working out and two meal afterwards.

But steak and poultry are a type of meat 🤨

Thanks, how are you doing lifting weights?

I wasn't able to get a home gym set up for Corona (too late, plus moving around too much), so that kinda blocked my progress. But I'm back at it now 🙌

Agree with Marc's overall conclusion. Another con is that you can't share emoji domains on Facebook (doesn't recognise as a URL).

You should read Matthew Walker’s book “The Science of Sleep”. It tells that 0% of people can go with less than 7 hours of sleep, every day. Even if they think they can. The long term effects are devastating. I wrote a blog article about it:

This right here ☝️

Most profound statement is that people who are sleep deprived don’t know they’re deprived of sleep because they’re deprived of sleep.

I guess just discipline and as I like my work there doesn't go by a day without doing at least one thing