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Anyone used an emoji domain for a project? If so what were the pros and cons?

Agree with Marc's overall conclusion. Another con is that you can't share emoji domains on Facebook (doesn't recognise as a URL).

How many wippers do have a business with a physical product/service?
I'm doing a challenge to write 50 blogs in 2020 👉🏻

I sell printed (and digital) passport photos

Sleeping for 5 Hours is Better Than 8? True?

You should read Matthew Walker’s book “The Science of Sleep”. It tells that 0% of people can go with less than 7 hours of sleep, every day. Even if they think they can. The long term effects are devastating. I wrote a blog article about it:

fuck facebook

This right here ☝️

Trying to figure out how to be a good man. In the meanwhile I write and create products about finding cheap tickets, house plants, fitness and autonomy. Yes.

Most profound statement is that people who are sleep deprived don’t know they’re deprived of sleep because they’re deprived of sleep.

Hi Gijs! Impressed By The Streak

I guess just discipline and as I like my work there doesn't go by a day without doing at least one thing

Any strategies on how to get started with collecting customer reviews on a new comparison website?
I'm doing a challenge to write 50 blogs in 2020 👉🏻

Thanks for your feedback, will definitely try to add this. I think if you are in a city (e.g. Berlin…) and you can choose out of 8 schemes... some opinions on each scheme will add value. Anyway, do you mind giving your opinion about the schemes you used on the website? 😃

Cofounder + CTO @ - Ethical freelancer insurance

I used MoBike in Berlin because I already had the app installed from using it in London and already had credit on that app and a bike was already right there in front of me.

I'm doing a challenge to write 50 blogs in 2020 👉🏻

OK, can you give your opinion on Mobike here?…