🏆 The one year mark

A belated update, I'm 1+ year in now and gained exactly 8 kilos, while keeping waist circumference same.

This includes COVID-19 times, when gyms closed and I had to do home workouts for two months. After building my home gym, it took two more months to get to same strength level as before the pandemic.

I managed to keep gaining weight, though. In the meanwhile, I published my abstract on weight lifting for beginners

This was a one year project to get ripped and fit, I'm doing fine but I will need an extra year to reach my goal (80 kilos with 10-15% body fat). So I changed the product description 😃.

I really like how barebone your home gym looks!

Good success reaching your goal within 2 years :)

Congrats on the progress so far 🙌

Thanks, how are you doing lifting weights?

I wasn't able to get a home gym set up for Corona (too late, plus moving around too much), so that kinda blocked my progress. But I'm back at it now 🙌