Sleeping for 5 Hours is Better Than 8? True?

For most people, 8 is probably better.

It's different for everyone. I've tried sleeping 5 everyday. My focus and energy suffered greatly. Others I know can sleep 4-6 hours every night and that's plenty.

I'd suggest just trying it for yourself. It really depends on what your body tells you. For example if I sleep 6-7 hours I feel fine, if I sleep 8-10 hours I feel like absolute garbage with mind fog and all that. If I sleep ~12 hours it's totally fine.

So try and vary your sleep pattern over a few days and see what you like best!

I have the same issue. Sleeping 8-12 hours is terrible. I love to sleep only 5-6 hours a day, only my body doesn't accept it any more...

ran 5k in under 21 mins on 5 hours today :)

Don't you mean... sprinting.... 5K? Wow

There are probably people who can live a life on 5 or less hours of sleep, as there are people who smoke and do not get cancer..
For the majority of people 7-8 hours is still the best.
I would not decrease the amount of sleep, but would work on the quality: dark room, temperature and less interruptions 🙌

Studies say 8 hours sleep is the best when you can be productive. >8 hours makes you restless & <8 makes you tired. For me, ~8 hours works the best but I can do 3-4 hours too but it makes me tired. 10+ hours makes me super tired & I watch movies then bcz super tired 😂

You should read Matthew Walker’s book “The Science of Sleep”. It tells that 0% of people can go with less than 7 hours of sleep, every day. Even if they think they can. The long term effects are devastating. I wrote a blog article about it:

Most profound statement is that people who are sleep deprived don’t know they’re deprived of sleep because they’re deprived of sleep.