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In general, it's fairly good -- messaging is crisp and clear.

The only thing for me is the narrator voice needs to be clearer -- the music at times over powers it.

Also, I'd probably make the whole thing faster-paced (20-30 sec total)

Awesome! Thanks for the insights!

Have you thought about a more specific customer segment? (e.g. custom apps for restaurant owners)

With a more specific audience, you will be able to (1) convey the value immediately to those users, and (2) ensure you can use most of the code base from project to project (saving time).

Eventually, I can see this become a "no-code" app development platform.

Part 1:

I like the "hardcore" aspect of the current streak system because it has allowed me to create that pressure for me to ship.

When I first came on to the platform, I did worry about the streak and pressure of keeping up; but the #life tag helped me bring this equilibrium. I implemented the #life tag after seeing @levelsio do it. However, as others have mentioned, it can feel weird when you use it, but I think in general it helps with balance and people in general don't abuse it.

I think he #life tag could be set as default for every new profile to encourage its use, the user can delete it if they don't wish to use it.

Part 2:

However, I can see how losing your streak can impact your motivation to execute, and most importantly be active on the platform (this is where the value is). Many times I have thought about this. What will I do if I go to the forest and there is no signal? 😂. Or I'm completely sick. Etc. Etc.

Mainly, if you do decide to go on a trip after 12376 days of shipping, "punishment" for taking a break (which we all need at some point) may be harsh.

Having said this, I would welcome a streak model that integrates a "buffer" as proposed, but with a few modifications to keep the "hardcore"/"pressure" aspect that many people on the platform like:

  • Every day you complete a to-do: +1 streak
  • Every 5 days of completed to-do's: +1 "streak credit"
  • Every day of inactivity: -1 streak (as long as the user has a "streak credit" balance"
  • Once the user runs out of "streak credits" and experiences another day of inactivity, streak resets to 0.

This prioritizes execution, as the current model does, while also accounting for the fact that you will eventually need a break. Similar to a traditional job where you "earn" vacation 😂.

The part that I am not sure of is -- how many "streak credits" is one allowed to accumulate? It would be ridiculous if you would be able to keep a "streak credit" balance equivalent to a year for example (i think). So maybe there would be a maximum of 15-30 days of "streak credits" ?

Part 3:

Another great addition to the platform would be a "Leaderboard" page. The current streak model, assuming daily execution from everyone, is skewed towards highlighting the oldest users of the platform at all times. As a new person, it will pretty much be impossible to beat.

A Leaderboard page would enable to highlight and "reward" different users on the platform, irrespective of when they joined, or irrespective of their streaks (some ppl may not care about the streak at all)

Things I would include on this leaderboard page are:

  • Streak leaderboard (Full table with all users; and at the top of bottom of the page, each user can see their rank)

  • Most active projects (per week / month / year / all time) based on # of completed todo's

  • Most active users (per week / month / year / all time) based on # of completed todo's

  • Most liked to-do's (per week / month / year / all time)

  • Most helpful users (per week / month / year / all time) [basically what is already available on the "Questions" tab, but have the full table"

  1. Adding a default #life project is a good idea. I'll add it as part of a new onboarding flow I want to do anyway 👍

  2. Yes "streak credits", "streak freezes", or "cheat days" come up quite a lot. But like you point out it's tricky to determine the specific implementation. How many you can use them, etc.

  3. Love the idea of having multiple leaderboards and highlight different types of community activity. Will make this! ❤️

I love this. I would personally love:

  • the pie graph split per project
  • # of todo's completed per day of week (table format)
  • most popular to do
  • current streak
  • Projects "at risk": listing all projects I have not contributed a task to, and date of when the project had a task completed.

Buffer for scheduling (free version) , Typefully for drafts (free version)

I don't have a newsletter at the moment, but I know a lot of entrepreneurs swear by ConvertKit or Beehiiv

I think your site may look too cluttered and confusing with that additional ad on top of the sponsored. Instead, I would add an ad under your search bar that reads something like "Site search brought to you by: [$Random Paying Sponsor$]"

(1) Everyone will 100% see the add, as the search bar is very prominent and likely one of the most used features on the site

(2) It will look cleaner/slicker compared to a boxed ad.

I tried adding a sample pic on here -- but can't. I'll try tag you on a post instead

Thanks a lot Alejandro. Yep, I am worried about adding it, I need to find a way to make more money without annoying users.