Remote OK


Find your remote job and work from anywhere
add Bali as a separate country to #remoteok profiles because I don’t think it fits in Indonesia myself
evolve minimal compact mode for logged in members on #remoteok live soon
fix memory error because users.db too big so make SQL query specific for perf #remoteok
move [ jobs posted today ] to next to buttons on right to save space #remoteok
fix search tag box wouldn’t show on every 2nd key press #remoteok
fix no margin on instructions box on small screen #remoteok
fix #remoteok border radius on white outline in Safari doesn’t have radius, use box-shadow instead on company profile
fix autocomplete main search position #remoteok
make filters on #remoteok sticky when scrolling
add auto logo downloader in Twitter/Google ATS bot so aggregated jobs have logos #remoteok
run schema validator again for #remoteok to fix last issues because Google Console is stupid
block Jooble from my site #remoteok because they’re abusive
make jobs open as new tab if you hold metaKey #remoteok
change rate limiting for API because 1/min too tight #remoteok
fix users.db got so big that profiles.php SELECT * query got too big so select only tags and language needed for filter cache #remoteok
add new padding if >600px width <1100px width #remoteok
add salary_min and salary_max to #remoteok API
add rate limiting for #remoteok API to prevent abuse
make worker /workers/addTagsToJobsWithoutTags.php to add tags to sourced jobs without tags #remoteok
fix sticky job closed still would show because pulling sticky jobs is a diff part of code #remoteok