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fix users.db got so big that profiles.php SELECT * query got too big so select only tags and language needed for filter cache #remoteok
add new padding if >600px width <1100px width #remoteok
add salary_min and salary_max to #remoteok API
add rate limiting for #remoteok API to prevent abuse
make worker /workers/addTagsToJobsWithoutTags.php to add tags to sourced jobs without tags #remoteok
fix sticky job closed still would show because pulling sticky jobs is a diff part of code #remoteok
only require to be logged in user to apply to job if job has had over 100 apply click, to decrease low performing job posts limited by sign up wall #remoteok
add “last_bump_for_free” db field that gets set if we auto bump a job for free because it underperforms with /workers/autoBumpJobsThatAreNotPerformingWell.php from actual paid bumps and we can measure easier how many actual paid bumps happened #remoteok
add Telegram username to #remoteok profiles so people can msg you quickly
change invoice address because corporate address changed #remoteok
make auto close jobs robot after 30 days posted or 30 days since bumped #remoteok
get bank wire for Safety Wing sponsorship for 1 year #remoteok
change [ ⚙️ Tags ] box to [ 🔍 Search ] because it’s more clear and actionable #remoteok
fix weird spaces cause no trim #remoteok
hide [ 🎪 Benefits ] button if no benefits can be selected on current filter query anymore (because 0 results) #remoteok
add emojis to filter buttons #remoteok
make min_salary query DB for current filter set so it shows the min(min_salary) #remoteok
show benefits count for current filter query so you know how many jobs there are if you add the filter #remoteok
add nationality, residency and location to profile view #remoteok
fix post job page didn’t work because it defined $jobToEdit to change salary e.g. $73,479 to $70,000 because we have units of $10,000 in salary dropdown, but then the post page thought it was an edit #remoteok