AI-powered virtual assistant
Add benefits/features to homepage #marcbot
Add syntax highlighting by rendering simple web page #marcbot
Add cheaper $7/mo tier without expensive features like GPT-4 #marcbot
Allow (pro) users to set their preferred model (GPT-3.5 or GPT-4), because GPT-4 (the previous default) isn't always the best choice #marcbot
Remove personal Telegram handle from bot description, because I was getting too many messages from randos #marcbot
When a message doesn't get process properly due using too many tokens, keep retrying it, each time with one fewer message #marcbot
Rename bot from "Marc Bot" to "M.A.R.C" #marcbot
Change icon again, because I like this new one better #marcbot
Update botpic to an "M" so it's more distinct from my own avatar, as people sometimes accidentally sent _me_ messages instead of the bot #marcbot
Use GPT-4 for PRO users and GPT-3 for free users #marcbot
Add syntax highlighting #marcbot
Upgrade to GPT-4 #marcbot
Upgrade to GPT-4 #marcbot
Create web interface prototype #marcbot
Get GPT-4 API access #marcbot
Add proper Stripe webhooks integration to automatically upgrade/downgrade accounts #marcbot
Add /billing command to access billing portal #marcbot
Give 5 free messages per day, even after trial finishes, so people can continue to use #marcbot and they keep receiving a subtle upsell each day when they hit their limit (versus completely revoking access after trial)
Dynamically choose how many recent messages to include for context, based on total token lengths. Instead of just taking the recent 10 messages like I did before, which meant sometimes I wasn't using as much context as I had available, and other times I was exceeding the limit of tokens which broke ChatGPT #marcbot
Win Ben Tossell’s ChatGPT / Whisper API competition #marcbot twitter.com/bentossell/status…