would you pay $5 for a big list of world's airport WiFi free allowance so you know how much free time you get?

Don't I already find out when I'm at that airport? Do people usually change their travel plans based on airport wifi?

Sure but like I got to an airport which only had two hours free and I was there for a lot longer. Or if you have layover and you want to know if you can get work done.

No. I'l find out when I'm at the airport. I wouldn't even download it if it was free of charge.

Plus I've never hit the limit. Probably because there are usually alternatives (other wifi hotspots, SIM card, changing MAC address, etc).

Ha, ok. #radicalcandour

Better to tell you know than after you've made the product :D

Yeah, I was't being sarcastic. I like the honesty!