Which one is your preferred stock icon site and why?

They have a crazy amount of icons in all sorts of styles and they're free!
Most of them are under a CC-BY license, so you just need to give credit on your page. :)

Thanks Richard for the suggestion! Speaking of ethics on using icons, what if we want to use it on mobile apps? Where should we put the credit? 🤔

You're welcome. As for mobile applications, I'm not entirely sure how yours would be structured, but I've seen many apps that have an "About" page. Maybe you can use this as the place to place your credit!

+1 for the noun project. also one icon costs $1,99 if you want the royalty free license - which is a fair price 🙂

Ah, yeah. That should be a good deal. Thanks Tammo! 😊

Been a paying member since they launched 🙌

I love for their beautiful, colorful flat icons.

Ah, what a coincidence. Recently I visited their site as well, but it’s really slow! That made me ask WIP fam for opinions. 😀

I used it a while ago and it wasn't slow at all, maybe they had a spike in traffic or sth.

Adding to the list I often end up on

Thanks Pug, really appreciate that! 🙏🏻