Where do you post?, personal website, or somewhere else?

If you were to publish a personal failure/success story or share experiences on your journey - would you use a service like Medium or a custom website for that?

Are there any benefits of using Medium over a personal website?

Medium -- mostly because Medium's domain authority is undoubtedly higher than a personal website, especially if you're just starting. More people will see it.

Plus, there's a community, so engagement is higher.

You can also consider pitching your story to various publications so you can get a swanky "as seen in" attribution (and backlink for your personal site to grow that if you want).

If you grow your profile on there, there are monetization opportunities too.

Thank you! That's great, then I'll use Medium and if I ever make a personal website I'll link the posts / it'll be a link collection :)

I just use beehiiv for everything. Mine is

I use my personal site. It’s been around longer than Medium and is likely to outlive Medium too.

The distribution mechanism built into Medium are nice tho. Especially when starting out

I have been using my personal blog for over ten years now, and I only publish there. Have created my own audience which is growing and shrinking from time to time. Gives a sense of autonomy and ownership. But it all depends on your goal: do you want people to read it (and which people?) or do you just want to get the story out of your system. Personally, I always have both goals: I write to think first, and share it with the world because I know people enjoy it.

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