Where do you get legal documents (ToS etc)

I'm looking for an easy way to get legal documents for a SaaS. My current ones are not really up to date.

Looking to find out which platforms are the best.

Its actually quite common to "borrow" some.
Theres also services that will generate them for you.

This is a common one in EU:

I've used this for my new SaaS - worked well and I like the autogenerated html and self-hosted options. But it was a $200-$400 for a full terms and conditions with privacy statement, fully loaded with DMCA and all the other stuff you need in these docs now-a-days.

The is probably the only part of my website I spent money on. Everything else is basically free / open source. Previously I had paid lawyers for these docs and it cost me about $1,500. Who knows what the best approach is

We're using Drag-drop third-party apps and auto-generate a document.

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