Where can we give feedback for #wip, report bugs and suggest features?

Each product has its own questions section now, so i guess you could create one there with your suggestions/feedback :

Hmm, this doesn't seem to be added to #wip. Only Marc's questions are there. login without desktop app

@z0dman there is a way to do that using the Web Telegram: you open the web telegram, open, click on 'sign in' in wip, copy the url that are in the "Open Telegram and click start" link, go back to the web telegram, open you chat with WIP Bot, paste the URL copied and press Enter. After that, the bot will understand and ask you to "Start" and everything will work just fine.

Good question! There's no good place yet, but feel free to message me directly on Telegram anytime. If I'm active in the group you can put it there for discussion too.

You can also post feedback in this thread, but since there's no comment threading or notifications for @mentions yet it can be hard to have a productive discussion here.