What would you tell your younger self?

A 'Classic' Question. But certainly helpful. Especially for the ones who are about to repeat all the mistakes of the older people.

last of the young and famous writers -

fuck facebook

Get in the habit of exercising and eating a bigger variety of food.

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Don't drink vodka and smoke weed. Learn code!

fuck facebook

A little vodka and weed hasn't killed anybody. Enjoy yourself and have fun but don't let it impact your health in negative ways.

I have a ton to tell but the top 5 would be...

  1. stop working to the point of burnout and have more fun

  2. take better care of health

  3. socialize and genuinely care about people

  4. understand the widely accepted path before deciding to go on a different one

  5. travel more

Try to realize an opportunity was offered before it stops being available.

Go For It more often.

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