What should the /launch feature on WIP look like?

When you finally launch your product on #wip that's something we should celebrate and share with the community.

What should it look like? Where does your launch appear on the site, and what information should it include?

Some ideas I discussed with @levelsio:

  • Type /launch nomad list 3.0 #nomadlist to launch your product
  • It will show as a todo in your profile/frontpage, but with a 🚀 instead of a ✅ and slightly more visual
  • Should you be able to include press coverage links?
  • Would be nice if the community could 👏 your launch. Maybe comments too? Is there something to say?

I'm also hoping to make this feature future-proof. So I can imagine at some point you can announce other major milestones too. Like getting your first customer, or $1,000 MRR. So maybe we could have a 'Milestone' feature with different types and 'Launch' would be one of them.

Perhaps a more future proof feature is /milestone ... whereby people can select a list of predefined milestones.

A Milestone feature will be definitely a great idea!

All ideas you listed sounds great! a Milestone feature is a great idea too!
For the /launch in itself, i was thinking about an "ID card" of your products, where you can list where you publish it ( PH, betalist,hn, reddit links, etc..) as well as a press coverage list, have comment, maybe presentation assets... like a "micro PH page" feature that you can only unlock by launching your product

Oh, another thing, not directly related to /launch /milestone, but can be... I'd really like to have a way to organize my todo by features/ epic ... so for example my next milestone will be a launch a 3 features, each of them having like 20-30 todos in them.
Maybe too complicated, but the idea would be not only to have a /milestone for things done, but also a roadmap for theses milestones

all sounds great. any progress here?

I've been waiting for a /milestone feature for a while now since I brought it up in the chats quite some time ago. It's only logical.

Yes would love to be able to comment on launches, sometimes I see a product here and I want to congratulate the person, or ask some questions about the product etc, but I find the only way I can do this is to message them on Telegram, which I feel steals away from the context of my message. Also it is personal so others cannot see and also comment, which will be a great feedback for the maker as opposed to my solo message or question.

The only problem I see with commenting is it will be sad if this community goes the way of hacker news or product hunt where you get some negative and not so helpful comments. Cause I would hope this community is a safe space and people are allowed to make what they want, even if there are a million other versions, the idea is "silly" or the product is not "beautiful". I think just launching should be the most celebrated thing in this community above all else. My 5 cents 😜