What SaaS deals/discounts would you like to get?

PRO members gets access to various deals including many discounts to SaaS services.

What services would you like to see included?

I'll try and reach out to them to see if they can offer a nice discount for us. Also, you can add a discount for your own project.

Hoi Marc! It wasn't there last I checked (apologies if I'm missing it) but Linear would be awesome if possible! I've moved quite a few clients onto it now for their orgs too - would be great to get a deal.

I still have to add webtastic but could you make something so deals from companies made by members are "highlighted" I love buying from members here

Stripe would be a good one. Ideally higher than the usual "5k in transactions processed for free"

Not a SaaS, and I feel like this may not be useful, but in the spirit of throwing out ideas: this is what made WIP start to really work for me:…

You could ask them if they want to advertise and/or offer discounts to members (10%? 20%?). Although to be honest it's reasonably-priced as it is, so maybe asking them to advertise is better than having them give a discount? IDK, just throwing out an idea to think about.

You could do the same with coffee/tea companies.

I think what I would say at a meta(?)-level is that I'm not convinced putting time into getting these kinds of deals is the best use of your time when trying to convince people to pay for Pro. I feel like there must be better approaches.

MongoDB atlas,, Stripe.

Just went to sign a startup up and can't see it on the deals at the moment - Typeform! I'm forever starting and cancelling plans during research periods :)

Adding one more that I think would be very good: ahrefs for SEO.

Oh my goodness yes!!

If you get a real discount for Hetzner I subscribe immediately to your pro plan.

Cloudways! Total bonus if it can apply for existing customers who have more and more stuff to add !