What's a reasonable price to buy someone's AWS credits? ($5000)

Depends on their limitations* and legality of it. Usually these type of credits are non-transferrable.

If you do end up buying those credits I would write up a contract which stipulates you get your money back if those credits are taken away from you by AWS. Alternatively if the seller trusts you, you could set up a payment scheme where every month/quarter you'd share your invoice and pay only for the credits that have been used. (e.g. 50% of their value)

*AWS is known to give away a lot of free credits, but with some severe restrictions such as them only being valid for one year.

@marckohlbrugge thanks I'll check with them. The validity was supposed to be till 2020.

Keep in mind you cannot resell these credits and it's against their TOS, so your account could be locked any time if they find out or your credits taken away.

I've received $100,000 from AWS in credits (valid for 1 year) and could only use it myself on the platform.

Instead just ask an Amazon rep to get you free $10k in credits. They don't mind giving them away.

@pugson thanks for replying. That would be nightmarish, I think the risk outweighs the benefits.

I've a $1000 credits available and will anyone interested to buy? valid for 2 years.