What music are you using for focus work?

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I'm a big fan of, I used to use but I think I like FAW way better.

Maker of WIP amongst other things.

I usually play whatever Apple Music is recommending (usually artist radio stations), because I don't want to get distracted figuring out what music to play.

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Everyone likes to come to my stream and chill because i play such cool music:

Or you can hit my Spotify Playlists up. The ones you get to are "Music I like" "Music I like 2" and my "Discover Weekly" -…

Lastly, there is the beauty of "Music for Programming" -

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I've been listening to a lot of Vaperwave recently. Easy for me to stay focused while listening.…

I usually listen to calm instrumental music without lyrics like Bonobo, a lot of post-rock or Spotify recommendations for focus that mostly contain kind of meditative tunes

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I only listen to song that I already know very well. In that way I don’t get distracted that much.

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If you're more into relaxed / dreamy type of electronic music, I highly recommend The "Night On The Terrace" series by nottradio on YouTube. My recent favorite is this one:…

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Love EDM :) But I often work always-on with my product!

Dev/hacker from Holland living in Barcelona, ⛏️ on different side projects.

The later it gets the faster and louder it becomes. Now listening to Loxy on soundcloud.

Dev/hacker from Holland living in Barcelona, ⛏️ on different side projects.
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Music/sounds can be distracting if you love music. So my top three non-music, music ways to stay focused are(in no particular order):
1. Ice-breaker ship sounds:…
2. Skate videos. The clack, clack sound of people doing tricks are like a Metronome for keeping my head focused on what I am working on.
3. Noisly - probably the best app for mixing.making your own background noise. Weirdly enough mu fav is a combo of airplane propeller + firecracker sound from a bunk fire o_O

If I go for music the old LTJ Bukem + MC Conrad sets are quite good.…

Dev/hacker from Holland living in Barcelona, ⛏️ on different side projects.

Cool, was listening to Bukem just before I opened WIP :)

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Basically, I use my own playlist from but also I would strongly suggest to try this Great experience with it!

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