Vlad Dekhanov


Founder juggler.dev and justintime.pw. Frontend developer. Father. Space dreamer.
Joined February 2021
Take some time to rest and have fun with family
Design infra of #rocketlist
Analyze analytics results of landing page #juggler
Improve behavior of text selector during test creation. #juggler
Got first place on the indieleaders.xyz/leaderboard somehow :)
Got 5 subscribers to waiting list of RocketList
Create a tiny landing to validate idea for a new project
Publish article "A/B testing in a nutshell" to #juggler blog
Review weekly stats of landing site. Slow but confident growth. #juggler
Get published at r/saas #juggler
Get published at r/startups #juggler
Creating promoting strategy
Bought a new mac for work
Arranged meetings with potential co-founders
watch mortal kombat #life
send reviews on the pioneer #juggler
submit current stats on pioneer #juggler
answer early adopters on questions #juggler
Build with daughter a fortress from pillows #life
visit gym #life