Kai Sasaki


One indie maker more building mrscraper.com in public, a visual and dead-simple web scraper.
Joined February 2023
Prepare tool to pick winner for SaaS giveaway twitter.com/kai_developer/sta…
Start SaaS giveaway to celebrate 500 followers
$200 MRR mrscraper.com/open #mrscraper
Answer all pending emails, Twitter DM and help desk messages. Free to work now 💪
404 Twitter followers not found 🍾🎊
Prepare scrapers code for batches and pagination #mrscraper
Post second monthly startup update twitter.com/kai_developer/sta… #mrscraper
Send February product update email for #mrscraper
Fix extracted data escaped slashes #mrscraper
First payment failed 🥹 #mrscraper
First impersonator achievement unlocked
Store scraped HTML and screenshot #mrscraper
Go through Ahrefs seo course ahrefs.com/seo
Removed live chat widget to recover page speed #mrscraper
Created a feature to share scrapers (with others and support) #mrscraper
$1,000 ARR milestone 🎉 #mrscraper
Resolve all support tickets for #mrscraper
Finished /open page for #mrscraper. Publishing at $100 MRR
Got second and third subscriber for #mrscraper 🎉
Fix homepage responsive issues #mrscraper