What is the best tool to set up email on custom domains?

Do you know any good, affordable email providers where I can set up email accounts on custom domains? 

Features I'm looking for:
- sign up using personal account
- manage all domains under single account
- multiple email addresses for each domain
- supports aliases and email redirect


If your end goal is to forward mail to one account (or multiple accounts) then I have used for the last 3 or 4 years. They are ~$36 USD a year and worth every penny.

Wow this looks awesome! Will definitely check it out, thanks ❤️

Ha, we just had this discussion :)
My solution is adding all my side project's domains to one google workspace domain as an alias. When it's large enough to warrant the cost and effort that it needs a separate workspace, I'll move it over

I have multiple domains and aliasses in GSuite. At this moment I am able to receive and send from 5 different email addresses, all having their own signature. There is an option to reply from the email address you received the mail from, or just to send mails from only your main email address.

Exactly! Posted in multiple places at the same time. Went with your recommendation and it works great so far!

The only issue I have is that the custom spam filters I have set up in the main account doesn’t apply to the alias accounts.

I probably messed something up so will have to check again 😅

ProtonMail can do the job.

Look at Cloudflare's email service - it's free if all you're trying to do is redirect [email protected] -> [email protected] or similar

EDIT: Some people say Cloudflare drops emails. If you want to be safe, use Using it on my domains now as a replacement for Cloudflare and it's working fine with the added benefit of being able to send email as another email (using gmail's smtp servers) instead of just receive.

That's a great alternative too @ben

Cloudflare is great, but just as a heads up...I recently moved everything away from CF because they don't have any controls over the security measures they use to allow incoming email.

I was missing a ton of legitimate customer emails because their email service wasn't complying fully to CF's email security standards. 😔

+1 for

@smitmartijn interesting, good to know. I haven't seen any of those issues from my own customers - do you know what kind of email content triggered the firewall on Cloudflare's end?

It's not about content, more about email servers not having the proper SPF, reverse DNS, or DKIM configurations. Sometimes only 1 is missing from a setup, which is enough for CF to bounce the emails.

Interesting, now you’ve got me paranoid that I am in fact missing some emails. I’ll check out forwardemail later - they seem to have a free plan too

@smitmartijn set up - really good service, thanks for the advice. The free plan even lets you send email as another email address using gmail's smtp servers (did not know this was possible) which is amazing. Switched over my support email to this service and it's working great

I just saw this thread, and used this yesterday! thanks for the tips

You might want to consider forwardemail instead (check out the above thread where there are complaints about cloudflare dropping emails)

Hey @piotrkulpinski, I use Fastmail. I have a single Standard-account and use different domains with that account. They offer a trial so you can play around with it.

I've just discovered I have the same problem.
I've checked out FastMail and ForwardEmail. Both looks really good.

When I buy my domains I use NameCheap and they have a pretty good email service I've used before $1.24/month. It's pretty straight forward and works well for basic email.
- Email redirection is free in NameCheap with your domain.…