What editor do you use?

Hi all, I have a simple AI-writing app and am consideringa adding a proper editor to it 🤔

Currently I just use plain div.contenteditable(!), but would obviously like for more rich text features (styling, linking, and all the usual). (I used to use Editor.js, which treats the content as an array of JSONs, which was a bit unwieldy. I just wanted to send the raw text to the server every now and then, so I scrapped Editor and just used the regular contenteditable.)

But in terms of editors there are so many options out there! CKEditor, Quill, Prose, Slate are just a few I've come across. WIP seems to use Trix?

Looking to see if anyone has strong opinions on this they might like to share?

I wouldn’t overcomplicate things and just start using one from the list you mentioned.

As people use it or you try to implement it you’ll get a better idea of what you want out of an editor. Then you can adjust if needed.

Fair point, Marc (and also from @deadcoder0904). Many comparable options & I felt like Buridan's donkey unable to make a choice. In the end, I asked ChatGPT and went with Quill ✨

yeah as marc said don't overcomplicate it.

with that said, typefully uses tiptap & typefully has some cool stuff with it. i'd go with that because i react. it also has a collaboration plugin so if you need multiple people, it might be a good thing.

meta also has a new draft.js alternative called lexical. can't go wrong with meta products mostly.

lex ai writer uses prosemirror i think. used devtools to find it. you can find what your favorite project uses using devtools & then use it.

just use one & you'll find if it satisfies your need or not. replacing text editors won't take a lot of time... just make sure to store data in database in raw format,i.e, not in a way particular text editor recommends.

If you want full customizability, tiptap is amazing! You need to handle plugins and maybe even write some plugins yourself to get where you want.

If you have very simple needs, tiptap will cost you development time, so then a more batteries-included library might be better.