Marcus Henglein


Working on generative text AI for niche languages
Joined November 2022
Added whisper to #guru, didnt like how I did it, removed it again. Crushing it over here
Accounting ....... #guru
Made for fun to protest using language models for domain-specific purposes
setup simple landing page #summarize
finished product description tool #guru
seems like some users are on linkedin, so tried adding a few ads, but damn they are expensive #guru
added google optimize for some front page variations #guru
added exit intent newsletter capture #guru
following the advice in the traction book and testing small ads on literally everything #guru
If user already logged in, redirect "/" to dashboard #guru
Always lead with value, so I added a simple value overview ("Last month you wrote X words, which corresponds to Y savings") #guru
New users = New bugs, and I haven't even had my morning energy drink yet. But the to-do: Fix bugs.
add exponential backoffs to all fetch queries that may otherwise fail with 429 error
Signed up for Sentry (because my homemade error logging is embarrasing and I'm getting so many 500 errors they should make a movie about it starring Gerard Butler)
remove waitlist
Fix rate limiting issues
Redesigned website in a neubrutalist style
felt cute, bought Now I won't be able to afford xmas presents, but you do what you got to do
Incredibly tired, decide to update core functionality of my app, deploy to prod, crashes everything, customer writes immediately, I do a rollback, and he responds with gratitude for the prompt customer service.