What do we think of this take on public feature roadmaps?

I noticed Wise publishes a mission roadmap.

Thought it was a refreshing take on the public feature roadmap.

Might be a nice way for Indiemakers to bridge the gap between our MVPs and demonstrating a future vision.

Not sure this won't lead to the 'build more features' mindset.

But hey, nice take.

I found it an inspiring way to build roadmaps as now I'm doing it aswell for my project but I didn't find any decent app that did it for me as nicely as I want :) Thx for sharing

I feel the same way, I wish there was a nicer way to build roadmaps

@lukehollis interesting - what's missing from existing solutions i.e. If there's a need here I might build a service for this, but I want to understand what the exact pain points are first

I wonder what @lvca thinks also, but I was just testing using Miro--or maybe like notion or something next.

Feedbear is interesting. I don't think I would be a good customer b/c I'd probably continue to try to use a free lesser featured product.

I think every roadmap builder isn't rly modular. I want something that has an easy feature suggestion + bug report like telegram plus the roadmap side of things, but I haven't found something personalizable to the point I want it to be (i.e: it needs to look just like my current website, instead of looking strange/not fully integrated.
I don't know whether that's a need everyone has though... Plus a modular builder is quite hard to implement...

@lvca what do you mean by modular? Like, you want to be able to easily plug in other functionality to it without having to completely rebuild it yourself? Any examples of functionality you'd want to add?

Mainly I'd like to be able to choose exactly what I can show (various roadmap layouts) and which features I want to offer (support, bug reporting, and all of that)...
Still, I still need to work on the roadmap so I'll give you more feedback once I get there ;)

Sounds fair, thanks. I'm not super convinced I can add value on top of existing solutions but let's see!