What are some good looking billing tables?

I'm working on a SaaS SDK for next.js and it handles implementing a billing table based on the features and plans in your config.

I don't like my current UI design for the billing table component and looking for inspiration.

What are some of your favourite billing tables and why?

Hey Dillon, I like it when the pricing UI is simple and where the pricing model is clear and it's easy to compare the differences in pricing when there are multiple packages. As a potential customer I appreciate it when I am assisted in making the right choice. It's totally fine to show an upsell or to try to encourage to upgrade to a higher package.

Just a few things that I don't like when it comes to pricing models/UIs:
- When there is a fake discount, e.g. from $75 for $50 - while the price has never been $75 and never will be.
- When the yearly price is shown initially, while it is displayed monthly, e.g. $10/month, while it is actually $120/year that you gonna pay.

It terms of the looks, one example I like is the Vercel pricing. It's an example where the pricing is simple in the top, but you can go into the details (in case that applies), by scrolling down.

Some more UIs, relatively simple and straight forward:
- 2 different packages:…
- Free with upsell to Pro:
- Single product with upsell:…

If you want to explore ideas, you could have a look at Tailbits and Dribble, for example.

Thanks for sharing Martin!

The UI examples you shared I consider billing columns, vs a billing table (like

Do you like columns better than tables?