Transfer invited to someone else

I have invited a few people and thought they might be interested in sharing things here. Turns out they are quite inactive for a while. But now I feel these invites can be useful for someone else.

What can I do ☒?

I guess WIP are trying to avoid this with the questionnaire upon registration and we can invite people based on that who are likely to be engaged and take part. But once they've signed up I think it's down to WIP to keep them engaged with in product marketing and we've done our bit by vetting the registrations on their behalf!

I know how you feel, I invited 2 people so far and they are not active at all, so the last 2 invites I had, I let them expire because I didn't want to invite anyone that won't be active.

It’s a gamble we all take. I try to invite people that seem to already be quite active outside of WIP + have put thoughtful answers to the application

I'm not sure what the answer is to this, but getting hit up for invites via Telegram is my biggest source of Telegram SPAM. Several have never posted after I gave them an invite which I don't get.

My bad idea might be to allow people to join in a sudo "shadow banned" status and after 30 days they can post publicly if they have hit a low level of threshold or else maybe they get recycled.

Yes, I might add a different tier to WIP at some point. It would increase code complexity a lot, but enabling people to demonstrate their value by actively using WIP is a much better way than the questionaire, etc.

I understand the frustration, but anything I can come up with to "take back" these invites, just ends up being rather complicated. Which leads to confusion, support issues, code complexity, etc.

The pragmatic solution I've taken so far, is to just give people more invites to make up for all the ones that end up going unused. Of course that doesn't address the bad feeling of seeing your invites unused, but just imagine you would have never had those invites anyway otherwise 😅

Yeah, I'm frustrated that the two people I've used invites on (who I know personally outside WIP) haven't been active either. I feel bad when I get so busy in the trenches I forget to post for a day much less ghost altogether. 😅

I like @marc's suggestion to add separate tiers to show community activity/support. I'm clueless about the coding requirements, but even something simple would be great!

Would an "inactive profile status" be hard to create?

Like if someone hasn't logged in/posted for a year, then the profile goes into an "inactive" or private mode where it's not public but it still exists on the back-end if they log in and reactivate it.

I get life stuff pops up so outright deleting profiles (especially if someone WAS active but isn't right now) might not be the best option, considering the customer support issues that'd pop up.