Should product hashtags be unique? #wip

Right now hashtags are unique per user (e.g. I can only have one product with the #betalist hashtag), but they are NOT unique across users (e.g. multiple people could have a product with a #betalist hashtag).

Right now this works okay, but has a few limitations:
  • We cannot use the hashtag as a slug (e.g. ) because slugs needs to be unique.
  • Other people cannot refer to a product by its name in questions/comments/etc (because when there are multiple products with that same hashtag it's unclear which one you mean)
  • Adding support for teams becomes more complicated as a user could potentially join a product with a conflicting hashtag.
So I'm considering making hashtags unique across the site just like usernames. This would simplify a lot of things.

However, there are a bunch of products sharing a hashtag. Here's the overview:
  • life (19 products)
  • blog (8)
  • portfolio (4)
  • social (3)
  • freelance (3)
  • wip (3)
  • currently (3)
  • crypto (2)
  • launch (2)
  • threader (2)
  • playground (2)
  • contracting (2)
  • work (2)
  • screenhunt (2)
  • blinkloader (2)
  • opensource (2)
  • makernews (2)
  • faces (2)
  • ygl (2)
  • zap (2)
  • twomakers (2)
  • writing (2)
  • learning (2)
  • tax (2)
  • memecom (2)
  • personal (2)
Many of them are indeed for the same product, which will be solved through "teams".

However there are also a bunch of personal "products" such as #life, #social, etc. When hashtags would become unique everyone would need to come up with its own hashtag.

I wonder if that's worth trade-off, and whether there are workarounds.

What do you think?

Maybe I will just try using unique hashtags. We can always revert later if it doesn't work out.

Yeah, personally I don't see point in the life ones. It's usually someone trying to just keep their streak going. Plus if I make a product it's confusing if someone else then uses that hashtag.

You can also make a distinction between visual name and how it's used across the site, by letting names be not-unique but giving each product a slug (productname, productname-1, productname-2).

Then people can have the same name but they're still separate entities.

When mentioning a product in a comment, you could then show a dropdown to select the product that you mean.

life-19 would be a pretty sick url

Yeah (visual) names would still be non-unique.

But if the hashtag were unique, you'd need to use something like #life19 to refer to your life "product". For example when adding a todo through Telegram.

On the website we could indeed have an auto-complete dropdown so this wouldn't be a real issue.

correct, I think you could get around that by replacing #life19 with a more "designed" [Life], as if it's markdown. Does that make sense?

Ah yes. I plan on replacing @username mentions with avatar + full name. Could do something similar for product hashtags.

I think unique hashtag is a very good idea because people often contribute to other's products.

The controversial point is the general word such as work, life and tax.
My opinion is that it's all right merge the duplicate tags into one unique "product".
Although "work" and "life" is not products, we use those tags when we speak about the common part of our life.
For example, we add #learning to our post only when we want to mention our learning paths.
It would work like a group, similar to a FB a group or a twitter list on a specific topic.

Currently, I have a few general words hashtags on my products. "Writing" for my writing service and "Illustration" for my illustration services. For the future updates, I'm going to change them to my brand names :)