Should I hire a SEO consultant?

I noticed that actually appears in quite relevant searches, but ranks really poor (position > 50).

For someone not too familiar with SEO, what’s the best strategy to improve this? Will just paying for provide the right insights or should I hire a SEO consultant?

I guess I should also work to get more backlinks, but that‘s easier said than done. Should I list it on ProductHunt just for the clamor or is that cringe?

Anyway I sense an opportunity here - the keywords I see in GSC are spot on, they just never appear in any relevant SERPs...

There are two things I hope to improve very soon:
  1. Convert the videos under to written blog post - should be fast
  2. Recruit some people for case studies (should also generate backlinks)

It depends on what you're willing to spend. But yes, usually things like that are the quickest way to get the answer without any BS.

You can spend money on courses and digest free info yourself for hours and hours, or you can get the info in 1-2hrs from someone who knows what they're doing giving you personalized advice.

I've used jdnoc before and I think he's pretty good. He has a Saas product ( and made money from it solely from SEO. You can schedule 2 types of consults from him -

You can also look at what dannypostmaa did with headshot pro for SEO -, scroll down to the footer for an example. He hired to do all of his SEO for him, but they are expensive.

+1 for jdnoc. I just attended an Intro to SEO talk by him. He definitely knows his stuff.

While pricey AF, I get a lot of value out of ahrefs and it gives you something to measure. I would do a trial or buy it for a month, export your reports, and then cancel it.

I am on ProductHunt, but I have never launched anything on it yet. If your product has more universal appeal then it's probably worthwhile. Hell, it's probably worthwhile just to go through the exercise/achieve the level of polish that it takes to launch something there. I'm pretty well established in my industry so I don't get as many benefits from ProductHunt and my projects that I don't write about as much here are for normal people who are several degrees of separation removed from ProductHunt.

Convert the videos

This seems like a good win and transcripts are great search engine content.

Hehe, I recorded them in Descript and actually already have the transcripts 🙈

I've found SEO is just writing authentic, good articles that people link to and want to share cos they find it interesting. My best results come from genuinley good articles

But there is of course the automated SEO bits, like generated 'alternative to' pages, good meta tags, article titles. I think most SEO tactics can be found in a blog post. Unless the consultant is writing good articles or doing the work for you, I would hire contractors and give them instructions

Hey @julianrubisch! I'm a SEO (been at it since early 2021) and I believe it comes down to if you want to be able to do SEO yourself and how much time you could dedicate to learning/implementing it.

Going the DIY route can be awesome for the long-term but time-consuming in the short-term - if you'd rather get quicker results and hire, I'd recommend starting with a SEO audit because I just checked out your site and its actually missing important foundational optimizations that should ideally be fixed before anything else.

Also, don't know how familiar/unfamiliar you are with Ahrefs, but I don't believe it'd be super helpful if, in your case, you're not too familiar with SEO. Last thing - if you'd rather DIY, some great resources for learning SEO for free are the Backlinko, SEMrush, and Ahrefs blogs and YouTube channels.

Hope that helps! Feel free to lmk if you have any follow-up questions.