Share your favorite Black Friday deals for makers

What are some of the best Black Friday deals you've seen?

Please share the name of the product, the link, and the discount.

Feel free to also promote your own black friday deal, but do disclose it's your own product.

All the Black Friday deals I care about are services and products I'm already subscribed to or purchased

GoRails 👉 36% off

Typefully 👉 40% off

Tailwind UI + Refactoring UI 👉 30% off

Carrd of course :)

Pasting a promo here from the e-mail newsletter:
Carrd + Black Friday: 40% Off All Pro Plans
Use referral code: BF2023

Found this list yesterday. Looks like a solid collection

Not exactly a product, but Qatar Airways is offering a 50% bonus for Black Friday when you buy points through them. I used that to save $2,500 on a business class ticket to Southeast Asia today

Useful if you're a maker relocating to faraway lands to lower your cost of living like I am


I have newsletter courses that are 60% discounted

I also curated some other deals including typefully, carrd, and some boilerplates for SaaS here:…

Just got some beautiful templates from - 50% off