Service for drip campaigns?

Hi guys,

What do you use for drip campaigns? 
I'm using intercom for one project (I'm on legacy pricing on it). But I'm launching a new one and I'm looking for a cheaper solution. Just to some emails after signup, etc.

I use Convert Kit. Super simple and convenient. I don't know Intercom's legacy pricing, but CK is WAY more affordable than their current pricing (depending on how large your list is).

Since you're specifically needing automation, the free option isn't a good fit, but the Creator option would likely do everything you need.

If you check it out and choose them, I've got an affiliate link if you'd want to use that. :) (

Jan uses Brevo for webtastic (but it looks horrible)

I hear a lot of good things about but I have not tested it (but maybe you can see if it works for you)

Oooh I just checked out Loops (super quickly), and it's so aesthetically pleasing. is good for waitlist and email marketing sequences

There are multiple tools you can use.

Off the top of my mind, you can use Convertkit like @thecatstickler mentioned. I used them too.

You can also use Buttondown which also has pretty decent UI

Wtf are drip campaign?

It's basically a series of emails that are sent over a couple of days — just with a fancy name