Purely unhinged question about your fruit consumption

This has absolutely nothing to do with being a creator or indie hacker or...anything except being a human.

I saw a video that asked how often people eat fruit and was horrified by the answers, so I need a larger sample to see what's normal, which is now you all. :)

Assume you're NOT fasting (or on a fruit-less diet), do you:

A. Eat fruit every day (even multiple times a day) - wtf even is this question??
B. Eat fruit multiple times a week but not every day.
C. Eat fruit 1x per week as a treat.
D. Eat fruit a couple times a month but not regularly.
E. Literally cannot remember the last time you ate a piece of fruit and are now questioning all your life choices.


D - whenever I feel like buying some at the supermarket

I prefer drier, savoury snacks these days. I get a bag of mixed "luxury" tree nuts (i.e. not just peanuts but cashews almonds etc) and then a much smaller bag of wasabi-coated peanuts and mix those together, and I'll have a handful of that every day or so. The wasabi nuts give it all a nice kick so it's never just one boring flavour.

That makes sense the desire for fruit/sugar comes and goes in waves! The people replying to the video were straight-up saying they just don't eat fruit (or take a supplement), but didn't offer an explanation.

B, most days I eat a banana. Often part of my protein smoothie. Although it kinda depends on my routine and which city I'm in, what food options are available (self-made or restaurant), etc.

I'd count fruit in smoothies as consuming fruit. You're still getting the nutrients of it.

Access to fruit makes sense why it'd be more difficult to eat it daily.

B - typically part of an after-workout smoothie. It'll be frozen fruit and I try to pick ones with the most healthy stuff (fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C), like lemons, strawberries, grapefruit, etc.

This definitely counts as consuming fruit! I typically buy frozen fruit to throw in smoothies because it's much cheaper and lasts longer than fresh fruit.

And at least you're mindful about the nutrients you're getting too!

A - Changed a lot when we bought a large fruit bowl(?) and kept it in sight and full all the time. I mostly eat bananas, apples, pears, tangerines, oranges and grapes.

Yep, the opposite of "out of sight, out of mind!" I think I'd eat TOO much fruit if I had a centralized fruit basket though 😂

I'm between A and B depending on the season! I try to each foods only grown in season in our country (France) and our two neighboring ones (Italy / Spain and the close by islands to us Sicily / Sardinia / Corsica etc) so in winter at the moment I'm eating less fruit, more vegetables as that's more in season. Though I suppose it also depends on what you're counting as fruit in terms of popular opinion or botanical classification (i.e cucumbers, tomatoes etc).

In summer, I'm definitely A!

I actually try to eat fruit everyday, in order to have a more various diet, and get the vitamins or nutrients that are particularly useful for some purposes. Also I am not a really sugary type so is not a problem since I don’t eat much sugars