Preferred login for SaaS apps

Im building a site analytics tool for small projects. Would you prefer email/password or Google Login? 

Email password for me, with a password manager it's convenient, and I don't mix everything in a single Google account.

I prefer password
If you do add other providers (Goog, Apple, Fb etc..)
Try to limit it to just a couple. It gets very confusing when theres too many options, always need to think "Which one did I sign up with"

This is a good point Omar. It happens to me too.

I love that 1password added the option to save which one you used:…

With a password manager it doesn't really matter to me personally but, depending on your audience, most people may not use one. I like social logins for these situations.

And, I agree with adding more providers.

@McPizza To your point on remembering "which one did sign up with?", I like it when apps get me to put in my email address and then show me the method to login with. (Either drop down a password field or show a social login button)

i would prefer a magic link sent to my email :)

This is also a good option!
Some people argue its more secure

Interesting idea. The good thing about building a SaaS for other SaaS makers is that features like magic links are probably less friction vs regular users like on a Facebook or a TikTok type of service.

People are bad at security, and trusting platforms/managing multiple is hard. I'm more and more for magic links.

The benefit for SaaS makers - people can share passwords to reuse the seat; they will be more hesitant and more inconvenient to share email

Brilliant insight, Igor. Imagine if Netflix had implemented magic links. Boomz, suddenly account sharing dropped drastically.

Personally, I go with Google Login - it's just a single click, less friction, and no need to verify emails.

I would suggest going with Google login as it is a single-click login that is seamless. Optionally, you can also consider adding an option to have password-based login for the same Google email ID. This would allow non-gmail users also to access.