Igor Kapkov


CTO turned tech educator for indies.
Joined May 2021
catch up with my mastermind group with @querystring
onboard on a new gyg
fix e2e chart spec #visiblelight
take a day off from work to rest
therapy #life
shop before a friends birthday party #life
background thread for ruby sdk #visiblelight
attend an event with Dave Thomas #life
tune renovatebot for better dependency grouping #visiblelight
complain on my telegram channel about bad management trainers around
read about new Server Actions in next.js #visiblelight
switch to turbopack #visiblelight
upgrade to next 13.4 #visiblelight
play with planetscale to be able to use DB over REST at edge #visiblelight
Fix tooltips over disabled elements. They cursed.
Watch lecture on personal brand #life
Vacuuming all spiders around the house. #life in Australia
read first chapter of "The first 90 days"
Work on CTO coach services landing page
spike turborepo refactoring of #visiblelight