Open Source and $ ?


So, I'm the maker of ( - Sorry, only in French 😥) 
Basically, it's a Scrimba-like web app. I tried to pre-launch and sales early deals...

...But that was a fail. 

TBH, I don't really care - We all fail and that's part of the game. At least, I learned a lot making this one! 
Anyway, so I'm thinking of Open Source this project and maintain it. Do you think it's a good idea? Is there someone making some money with an Open Source project? If yes, do you have any tips? 

What I have in mind : Making a "light" version of the app and creating an "How to setup the app" into the ReadMe with a referral link to Digital Ocean or Linode. 

Cheers ✌

How do you mean it failed? What did you do to launch it? Where did you promote it?

I think looking at the affiliate systems of those two providers and my guess at the volume of demand for self hosting a scrimba alternative its unlikely to make a substantial amount of money. In my readings open source business models are usually around either providing enterprise support or enterprise closed source infrastructure/extensions to the open source package. I can imagine affiliate links working well if the volume of users is high, such as a popular library such as next.js - but that requires lots of developers to have a use case for the library/service

you gotta keep launching and relaunching. In a way, making the project open source is just another type of launch and requires the same attention to releases.