Looking for a 4K monitor

Hey designer friends!

I’m looking for recommendations on a 4K monitor that pairs perfectly with a MacBook.

Any suggestions?

What's your budget. I personally using
LG 27MD5KL (Best colors)
LG Ultrafine Ergo - 32Un880 (Its old though, check new version)

I've been using LG 27UL850 for a couple of years now and I couldn't be happier!

Charging the Macbook via USB-C is sooo underrated 😅

I’m using Dell Ultrasharp 27(U2723QE), it’s really great. I love being able to charge via usb-c

I picked up three Dell S2722QC 27-inch 4K USB-C Monitors at the end of the year, and they are great. They were reasonable priced and have enough input ports that they can easily run a FireTV, Switch, etc if you want to double them for entertainment too.

I have run three displays on a 2019 MacBok Pro and a Mac Mini M2 Pro over USB-C and they work drama free. My only small nitpick is they do not have a remote (no big loss) but still easier to use than the four or five buttons on the bottom.

LG Ultrafine 5K 27’ is the way to go. Basically almost the same panel as a Studio Display. Half the cost. Colors are amazing, screen DPI is the same as a MBP Retina display. Only downsides are the display integrated speakers which are crappy, and the provided monitor stand which is wobbly (easily fixed with an arm, which makes the whole setup look super professional).

I had the LG Ultrafine 4K 24' in the past and I wouldn't recommend it. It looks almost exactly the same as the 5K 27' but the DPI is much lower, which makes it a non-Retina display. Avoid this one and go for the 5K 27'.

My setup w/ this display:…

Note that even if it's built for Mac, it also works with a Windows PC (eg. for gaming) if you have a Thunderbolt port on your motherboard.

I agree, it's an amazing display. But it's hard to get the LG 5K in India.

It was hard to get in France for a few years as well. The display is so good, but it's probably niche, so maybe not very profitable to LG.

I got mine on Amazon, I can't seem to find it easily anywhere else (it was sold in Apple Stores before Apple discontinued it years before releasing their Studio Display).

I've used both of these:

  • LG 32" Ultrafine (32UN880-B)
  • LG 27" Ultrafine (27UN880-B)

Prior to that, I used a 49" Dell Ultrawide and regretted it. It gave me neck cramps and bad posture. Since then, I stuck with just using a 32" 4K monitor and used my Macbook in clamshell mode – the trick to being productive is invest in window tiling apps!

They're amazing 4K monitors and it's super helpful they come with an Ergo stand. You can swivel it to portrait mode, or adjust it if you're using a standing desk. They have been the best purchase I've made.

Happy to answer more questions if you have any!

Nice, I was thinking about getting the 27UN880. How is this monitor & the color quality? also which Mac are you using along with this?