Valerian Saliou


Co-Founder & CTO at Crisp. Also working on Prose.
Joined October 2022
buy dental hydropulser to improve teeth hygiene #life
upgrade data plan to 5G #life
finish implementing responsive on #crisp mirage website
finish rough integration of the #crisp mirage website
permanently fix reason for #crisp major global downtime today
drink more green tea to limit further caries to appear after discovering first carie of my life #life
integrate last sections from the #crisp mirage website
integrate #crisp mirage website stage 2
take some time in sun #life
come back from eating oysters on the coast #life
deploy updates to the #prose website to production
continue integration of #crisp mirage website
integrate #crisp mirage website
take 2h to trash all stored boxes from bought products in #crisp offices
slowing things down today after giving all creativity last week on a design #life
finish design of #crisp mirage dashboard
fly C-160 Transall in MS Flight Simulator with friend in multiplayer #life
add new plant at home, watering automated with pump and reservoir with 6 months autonomy #life
work on #crisp mirage admin dashboard for imminent public launch
add lots of new plants on the bookshelf at home #life