If you use Trello, what features do you use?

I feel like Trello is getting more and more bloated. What are the features that make Trello good, what do you actually use?
- Simple Kanban
- Add multiple boards
- Add members to boards
- What else?

I mostly stopped using Trello, but the feature that I love the most is Custom Fields because we used to add random metadata to cards--everything from specific art styles/tasks to hardness estimations. Especially anything to search on.

I use trello cuz I started with it and I don't want to search for alternatives. My team uses Jira a lot, but trello just works when it comes to personal project management. I left a screen below w one of my personal projects

wait it doesn't let me upload images. heres a link:

Why does Trello work for you personally but not Jira?

Cuz I don’t wanna change

I haven't used it in a while since I moved to Notion, but I was absolutely FERAL for the checklist feature inside each task card. It's where I housed all the SOPs to actually complete the task, and it saved so much time having that checklist right there instead of having to remember how to do every little thing/Googling how to do something each time.

Do you use the board feature in Notion? And if so, what do you enjoy more from Notion than from Trello?

Those are exactly the 3 features I use the most... on the free plan. I wouldn't pay for it either.

Nice, I use the same. Anything else feels overkill. Why would you not pay for it?

cause I'm cheap AF. 🤣 I already pay for Airtable so I would probably just use their kanban view if I couldn't use Trello for free.

I think tags and checklist within a card where the features I loved the most. Also, the UX is neat (moving a card to "DONE" is so satisfying)

Yes I do like the checklist inside a card too! The UX is really good. Do you think it can do anything better UX wise?

Like @JudoHacker I use the first 3 features that's it.

Trello so far is the opposite of bloat (compared to other tools I looked at for kanban boards), they hide features away so I don't get distracted (on free plan).