If you had to start a SaaS with $0 what products/tools would you use?

You're stranded in a foreign have no documents and can't know nobody, have nothing (except a laptop, an internet connection and decent coding skills) you have no memory of how you got know only one thing..the only way you get out is.. if you can successfully pull off a SaaS and make enough money to buy yourself a new identity :)

How would you build a SaaS with $0? :)

Use any MVC framework and host the app on Heroku on a free dyno.

Exploit the shit out of free tiers :D

I'm making a list, which ones :p

Well if you have internet connection, then you should surely checkout all the Free Stuff Internet grants like,ā€¦,ā€¦,, etc... & use whatever resources that are needed for the SAAS you want to build

My tools would be these: the internet, my telephone, and my email account.

Use those to find potential customers. Here's how...

I would talk to business people, get to know them, earn their trust, be helpful, all with an eye toward finding out what they urgently need + are willing to pay me to deliver. Next, capture their pre-payments, then build the thing using whatever (free and non-free) tools are necessary and palatable and/or reasonable within the budget parameters established by those pre-payments.

No presales yet?

Keep talking to customers.