How to get your clients/subscribers reply your email? Or email should be used as a one-way communication?

A quick background. I just finished a small Kickstarter campaign which was more like an immersion to the main upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

During the campaign I sent a message to the backers to genuinely engage with them, but got only 10% of replies. See my message:

Now, I have this landing page with a simple form (just email). I'm trying to engage with them but got no replies so far (set the form 3 days ago). The email I sent is very much like the one @Marc sent after I signed up here (short and sweet, right?). See my email:

So is it me (my copies) or is it common? 

I'm launching a new Kickstarter in a month, and people say collect emails! I agree but what do I do with the emails? Is it just good to inform the potential clients via newsletter or to exchange with them? I have the feeling it would be better to get them in a FB group (tabletop gamers are more active on FB) and engage there. 


People have personal/busy lives, your emails are not their priority. Accept it.

Oh, I accepted it before asking the question. I'm the kind of person who never subscribed to stuff, so I thought of asking others because I keep hearing people saying the email list is important. I guess your reply confirmed my thought. Thanks

Always best to engage people where they’re already engaging.

The benefit of email is that you own the relationship with your users. Problem is corporations taught people that newslettery emails are one-way communication and people stopped responding. The more you make it look and feel like a person, the more they’ll engage.

For highest replies, try ending with a clear question. Something actionable for the person to do. “Let’s connect soon” is cold and impersonal. “What frustrates you about <problem this kickstarter is solving>?”, now we’re talking

Don't automate these emails. People can tell and they won't respond. Even the WIP email you mentioned gets a very low response rate despite it being short and personal.

It seems like you only got a couple dozen email subscribers, so you should be able to manually email them. Research them for a bit (google their email address, but don't go over board into creepy territory) and make the email personal. About them.

It's a lot more work and not scalable to do forever for a large amount of subscribers. But for those first 100 subscribers or so, you should totally be able to do it. And you'll get a much better response rate.